Ina Arraoui

Printopia Festival Director 

The concept for this festival is the brainchild of Ina Arraoui, a print artist and curator based in Auckland. She has been an active member of the Auckland printmaking community since 2015 and a member of the Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ). In 2019 Ina went to Florence, Italy to study printmaking and curation at the prestigious Il Bisonte Fountation for Art and Printmaking. On returning home in 2020 she started researching the local printmaking community, publishing interviews with artists and print and print studios on her website to create an online resource and open archive. Through her interviews she found that there was a lack of understanding and gallery representation of print media which gave birth to the idea of Printopia, which will provide a physical space to educate the wider community, including art students, educators, galleries and museums about contemporary printmaking in Aotearoa.  

Prue MacDougall

Print Talks and Exhibition Coordinator

Offering her extensive knowledge of the print community in Auckland and beyond is Prue MacDougall, a full-time print artist residing in Auckland. She graduated from Elam with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and was awarded the Annual Prize of Excellence in Fine Arts in the same year. Since then, Prue has travelled extensively, developing her art practice through close examination of master works in galleries and museums in Europe, the UK and the USA and participating in postgraduate study at international art schools. Closer to home, Prue has exhibited in many galleries around New Zealand and is represented in many collections in New Zealand and overseas. She is involved in the coordination of two international print exchanges – Thinking of Place and Vie du Pacific, both of which will be on display during the festival.